Why, hello!

My name is Camha, but most people call me Cammi. I am a freelance editor and (sometimes) writer by day and curious wayfarer by night.

Originally I created this blog as a destination for curious millennials striving to balance travel, work and life, who are forever seeking inspiration for their next adventure and always on the lookout for unique experiences. However, realising that I might not always want to wax lyrical about travel, I purposely called this blog ‘Curated by Cammi’ – a curation of my travels, thoughts and life in general.

So apologies in advance for the sporadic and potentially nonsensical posts. My only hope is that this blog resonate with you in some way, shape or form, whether it be fuelling your own desire to explore the world around you or letting you know that our perfection lies in our imperfections.

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Cammi x

Day trip from Perth: Pinnacles and Lancelin sand dunes